Each rental has been thoroughly cleaned, as in previous years, but in addition, the following disinfection points have been set up

- open windows and doors as long as possible
- key rental
- handles of doors, windows, cupboard
- switches, sockets
- faucets
- towel rack, coat rack, soap dish, shower curtain
- closet doors
- heating buttons, remote control, filing cabinet
- bins
- microwave buttons, hob button
- table and chairs
- bed frame, ladder, bedside tables
- broom handles (brush, wc, shovel)
- sanitary (wc, shower, sink, shower head and hose)
- the fabrics have been sprayed with a disinfectant product (curtains, sofa cover, mattress)

The dishes must be thoroughly cleaned by the customer and are not subject to additional disinfection, as are the hangers, the parasol, the drying rack, the garden furniture, the bucket and the basin.